HD8040 Series


The HD8040 series is a highly integrated GNSS receiver chip. It is the world's 1st multi-band multi-system SoC chip which supports BDS-3. It is capable of tracking all global civil navigation systems(BDS,GPS,GLONASS, GALILEO,IRNSS,QZSS and SNAS) in all bands(L1, L2, L5).8040.png

HD8040 series is based on the state of art CYNOSUREIII architecture integrating multi-band multi-system GNSS RF and baseband, making this single chip achieve sub-meter level position accuracy without correction data from ground-based augmentation station.

It can be widely used in mobile phones,wearable devices,unmanned aerial vehicle,vehicle management, unmanned driving, car navigation, marine navigation, engineering survey, and other fields.



Mobile phones

Wearable devices

Unmanned aerial vehicle

Vehicle management

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