BAIC Group and SAIC Motor focus on Allystar’s automotive-grade high precision chip

2017-05-24 view:3133

May 24, 2017: Allystar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ("Allystar") will officially announce the 1st automotive-grade RF and baseband integrated SoC positioning chip and the 1st RF and baseband integrated high precision SoC positioning chip (which has fully independent intellectual property rights) on the 8th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2017). Those two chips have received high attention from BAIC Group and SAIC Motor.

The HD8089A series is an automotive grade GNSS SOC solution targeting for the fleet management, logistic transportation and smart driving markets. The new generation GNSS engine, combined with MEMS sensors, is optimized to offer a seamless experience in dense urban canyons and indoor parking lot. The HD8089A gives the shortest time to position fix and continues to work wherever they are.

HD8089A meets the automotive requirements in ultra-low product defect rate for all kinds of working environment. Its special designed firmware fulfills the requirements for automotive applications, such as smart driving, the internet of vehicles, TBOX, and UBI, which simplifies the development process and reduces time to market.

The HD9100 series is a high precision GNSS chip solution targeting for the smart driving and lane level navigation markets. The newly designed CYNOSURE II architecture is optimized to offer a seamless experience in dense urban canyons. The HD9100 gives the shortest time to position fix and continues to work wherever they are.

The HD9100 series adopts Real Time Kinematics (RTK) technology with the correction data from CORS network. It also supports both rover and base solutions for which don’t have public CORS network. HD9100 is the chip-level compact solution and the best-in-class low power solution for precise positioning application.

The launch of the Allystar automotive-grade and high precision SoC chip, will inject new vitality into the market application of automobile front-and-rear assembly. Meanwhile, it will also provide high specification, high precision and high performance chip-level navigation and positioning high-end solutions for intelligent driving, unmanned driving, Internet of vehicles and other applications.

The BeiDou automotive-grade and high precision positioning chip is the basis of promoting China's automobile industry to enter the era of precision service. BAIC Group and SAIC Motor are the leading automobile manufacturers in China. Within vigorously developing independent research and development and innovation of vehicle, they are also focusing on research and development and exploration of innovative application areas such as intelligent driving, unmanned driving and Internet of vehicles. Relying on core chip products, Allystar will provide more support and choices for BAIC Group and SAIC Motor in the precision service field of the automobile industry.

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