ALLSTAR offers low cost dual-band GNSS antenna for high precision positioning

2019-01-07 view:2838

Allystar Technology Co, Ltd.,headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is offering new low-cost patch antennas AGR6302/6303 which are designed for precision dual-frequency positioning. AGR6302 is capable of receiving L1/L2 band, and AGR6303 is capable of receiving L1/L5 band.

AGR6302/AGR6303 Active Antenna is designed by unique technology, covering GPS, BDS, Galileo, GLONASS, IRNSS and QZSS system, details please refer to Table 1. The antenna features stable signal quality and more angle receiver on the practical conditions. It employs the stack four feeds antenna architecture with hybrid to achieve the multi-band operation/ lower axial ratio/wider half power beam width and excellent right hand circular polarization.


With the newly architecture, the active part has two stages, two level LNA, and also one filter for lower band, the other for higher band. And then, the combiner and the third level LNA output the RF gain to receiver. It provides excellent noise figure/ RF linear and LNA gain and out band rejection, resulting in good signal/noise ratio and anti-interference.


The AGR6302/6303 antenna (photo : Allystar)

It is designed for UAV, precision agriculture, autonomous vehicles and other applications where precision matters.

It is housed in a compact, industrial-grade waterproof and magnet mount enclosure. Using internal magnets, the antenna can be installed almost anywhere allowing for greater flexibility.

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