Allystar Completed B Round Funding

2021-12-14 view:1255

Allystar is the leading innovator in the Navigation and Positioning chip industry, its breakthrough technologies are applied to the products, which are targeting various markets that are included but not limited to the general public electronics and vehicle navigation terminals. Allystar recently finished its B round strategic funding. CPE Global Opportunities Fund is the main investor in this round, with co-investors of well-known venture capital firms such as Bosch Group, YF Capital, CSCH, TCL Capital, and JMC, etc. Other investors such as CDH Investments, CMB International, TusHoldings, and China Aviation Emerging Industry Investment Co., Ltd. also announced to add more capitals upon their original investments. Allystar injected vast resources and power into their technology development and enhancement. Next, Allystar will continue to focus on the products’ innovation and expansion of its chipset business to meet the growing opportunity in global market.

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Allystar was established on December 6, 2016, headquartered in Shenzhen. As a national high-tech corporation, The company is dedicated to the design of positioning system technologies and applicable solutions to the end-use customers. With groups of professional and highly educated engineers and decades of R&D experiences, the company has continuously made breakthroughs in the core technical challenges of satellite navigation and positioning chips. By solving complex and system-level problems, the researchers and engineers have won multiple national patents and honors of China IC Achievement Awards, such as “China TOP 5 Innovative IC Design Companies”, “TOP 10 Investment Cases in the Best Advanced Manufacturing Field in China’s Advanced Manufacturing and High-tech Industries”, and “China Chip - Excellent Technology Innovation Award”.

In addition, Allystar is the only vendor in mainland China that has been rated as the TOP 10 international professional navigation and positioning chip vendor for two consecutive years (source: ABI Research). It also developed and mass-produced the world’s first multisystem, multi-band, high-precision SoC chip supporting BDS-3 signal. Allystar’s significant achievements have been received recognitions by the industry and the capital market. “The completion of BDS-3 networking has activated the development of high-precision positioning services. Allystar is fueled by a team with innovation, perseverance, and inclusiveness, and has attracted top talents from the industry during its rapid development,” said Yang Di, the Managing Director of CPE Global Opportunities Fund.

Bosch, one of the largest industrial enterprises in Germany, invested in Allystar’s B round funding as well. The drive forces behind this investment are not only the trust of the high-precision GNSS positioning technology developed by the company, but also the potential of the future commercialized use of the Beidou navigation satellite system, which brings the seamless connections to the World.

At the launching ceremony of the lane-level positioning chip project and the strategic cooperation between the two parties in the A+ round funding, Chairman and President of BYD, Wang Chuanfu spoke about the importance of grasping opportunities together with Allystar in the automobile industry, and expressed the willingness to firmly support Allystar’s core technology and products.

Sun Zhongliang, the General Manager of Allystar, holds the faith of “Focusing on Chip, Investing in Chip, and Innovating in Chip”, and transforms this faith into the company’s mission statement. For the next decades, Allystar will actively engaging with investors and make contributions to Global Satellite Navigation industry development and revolution.

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