TAU951M-K2 Series

GNSS Dual-Band High Precision RTK Module with DR

•   Concurrent reception of multi-system satellite signals 
•   Support BDS-3 signal: B1C, B2a
•   Tracking 128 GNSS signal channels at the same time 
•   Update rate up to 10 Hz 
•   Support PPP-B2b/PPP/PPP-RTK (upon request) 
•   Highly integrated module, the best cost-effective high precision solution 
Output raw data with built-in 6D IMU 
•   Internal PVT, RTD, RTK, and DR Engine 
•   Smart jammer detection and suppression
•   Support four kinds of low power mode  

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The TAU951M-K2 series is a set of GNSS dual-band high-precision RTK navigation and positioning module with dead reckoning, which is based on the state of art CYNOSURE IV dual-core SoC chip. It is capable of tracking all global civil systems (BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, NavIC, and SBAS), as well as BDS-3 signals.

The latest dual-core architecture CYNOSURE IV adopts 22 nm process, integrating multi-band multi-system GNSS RF and baseband. Combining GNSS positioning and inertial navigation technology makes TAU951M-K2 series output positioining data in the environments where GNSS signal quality is poor or even loss (such as tunnels, underground parking, etc.), and provide continuous and accurate positioning for navigation applications. This series is suitable for various demands under different conditions, and can be widely used in smart driving, surveying and mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), intelligent agriculture, and other fields. 

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