ALLYSTAR Attends the 13th CSNC with a New Chip Debut

Author: Allystar
Released at: 2023-05-12 15:23
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On April 26, 2023, the 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference (hereinafter referred to as “the Conference”) was held at GUOCE International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. As one of the professional exchange platforms in terms of satellite navigation, on which the summit forum, academic exchanges, achievement expo, high-end forums, and popular science activities are provided for domestic and foreign scientists, technicians, and visitors from all walks of life. Allystar and its affiliate Medo Monitoring attended the Conference with its latest chip and BeiDou high-precision monitoring solution.

As a leading provider of GNSS Chip-level solutions, Allystar made a high-profile launch of its CYNOSURE IV SoC chip supporting BDS-3. This chip is a domestically-developed SoC chip with independent intellectual property rights, incorporating both baseband and RF technologies, which has made significant improvements in computing power, memory efficiency, battery life, positioning accuracy, and BDS-3 reception. Looking ahead, the chip's versatile applications will span numerous fields, including smart driving, shared mobility, wearable devices, portable devices, UAVs, vehicle navigation and monitoring, precision agriculture, logistics, surveying and mapping, which will enable a faster application and widespread services in people’s daily lives.

Furthermore, Allystar's subsidiary Medo Monitoring which specializes in solutions for BeiDou high-precision deformation monitoring participated in the Conference as well. Medo Monitoring displayed an array of high-precision positioning and IoT terminals, as well as monitoring solutions and case studies in sectors such as intelligent water conservancy, disaster prevention, mining safety, urban infrastructure, etc. With the launch of those products and solutions, it is clear that the BeiDou high-precision positioning technology is making significant strides toward innovation and enhancement, particularly in the deformation monitoring field.

Partnering with SAIC Group, Allystar has showcased the application and practice of BeiDou high-precision navigation positioning technology in smart driving through the exhibition themed “Chip Driven High-Precision”, including various means such as on-site demonstration, forum keynote speeches, and live video streaming at the Conference. The most spectacular is the SAIC MG7 exhibited that employs the automotive-grade high-precision positioning module TAU1312A developed by Allystar. Thanks to that, MG7 is equipped with the Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) system, which shakes NGP’s exclusive deployment in electric vehicles, bringing a leading NGP driving experience among petrol vehicles at present.

The Conference presented the 13th CSNC Application Boost Award to organizations due to their exceptional achievement in promoting the application and adoption of BeiDou chips in various industries. Allystar was honored to win the award, signifying the critical role that Allystar has played in advancing the development of China's satellite navigation systems.

In the Autonomous Driving Forum, Sun Zhongliang, the Chairman & General Manager of Allystar, delivered a keynote speech - the Scaled Application of High-Performance Satellite Based Augmentation Technology in Smart Driving. During the speech, he gave a comprehensive explanation of the current status and development trends of satellite-based augmentation technology and introduced Allystar's overall solutions for high-performance satellite-based augmentation.

With the increasing demand for high-precision positioning, the chip-based core technology has emerged as a critical tool in this field due to its numerous advantages in terms of size, power consumption, and cost-effectiveness character. To meet this growing demand, Allystar is utilizing a full-stack approach to provide innovative solutions for high-precision positioning applications. By leveraging chip-level product solutions, Allystar is committed to delivering comprehensive services for the adoption and scaled application of the BeiDou Satellite Navigation System.

In the BeiDou Scale Application Forum, Zhang Ruihui, an expert in deformation monitoring solutions from Medo Monitoring gave a keynote speech titled the Chip-level BeiDou High-Precision Solutions’ Scaled Application and Thinking of Deformation Monitoring. During his presentation, Zhang discussed the progress of deformation monitoring technologies and shared former applications and insights into various deformation monitoring solutions in different fields. He also introduced a detailed plan and exploration for the expansion of the BeiDou scaled application in deformation monitoring. This is especially significant as Medo Monitoring is recognized as a leading BeiDou deformation monitoring solution provider by leveraging the chip-level BeiDou high-precision solutions to cater to the needs of more industries and partners.

During the Conference, Allystar hosted a unique live video streaming featuring distinguished guests including Deng Yimin, the Chief Expert of Map Positioning at R&D Center's Intelligent Driving Unit in SAIC Group, Yu Hongtao, the technical expert from Allystar, and Zhang Ruihui, an expert in deformation monitoring solutions from Medo Monitoring. They shared insights on “OEM's Perspective on Smart Driving”, “Chips in Smart Driving”, and “The Future of Deformation Monitoring” respectively. Through their introductions and exchanges with audiences, attendees gained valuable knowledge on the latest developments in smart driving.

The 13th CSNC received a warm response, which provides Allystar with an opportunity to continue focusing on the research and development of BeiDou GNSS satellite navigation positioning technology and relative products, to fully explore the potential of BeiDou applications, promote technological innovation, practice the national innovation strategy in core technology further, and serve the scaled application of BeiDou chips, thus creating a better future with its application.

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