Allystar Attended the Second International Summit on BDS Applications

Author: Allystar
Released at: 2023-12-01 17:11
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The Second International Summit on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) Applications convened in Zhuzhou on October 26, 2023, which was co-hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, and People’s Government of Hunan Province. Themed “One World, BDS with You”, the summit features 13 special events, including an opening ceremony and main forum, four thematic forums, seven supporting activities, and one achievement exhibition.

As a leading BDS and GNSS satellite navigation and positioning chipset solution provider in China, Allystar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Allystar”) was invited to participate in the summit. Sun Zhongliang, the Chairman & General Manager of Allystar, attended the “Thematic Forum on BDS Application Technology Innovation”, and delivered a keynote speech - “BDS-3 Short Message Chips for Wearable Terminals”, in which he discussed the BDS technological innovation and development trend with the guests present. According to Mr. Sun, Allystar will launch more cost-efficient, low-power, highly integrated BDS short messages chips with “key and core technology” to promote the large-scale application of BDS short messages, and to serve the high-quality innovative development of the BDS industry.

The Summit contains an achievement exhibition of BDS large-scale applications to highlight those applications towards market-oriented, industrialized, and internationalized development. New technologies and products on BDS applications were released at the session, fully demonstrating the latest achievements of large-scale BDS applications. Through years of hard work, Allystar has made continuous innovations and breakthroughs in the core technologies of BDS chips. At the exhibition, Allystar exhibited multiple positioning chipsets, including its latest self-developed highly integrated multi-band multi-system SoC - HD8140, HD8120 series featuring low power consumption, HD8040 series and HD9300 series BDS chips as well as TAU series modules developed on the basis of BDS system, which can be widely applied in wearable devices, vehicle navigation, UAVs, IoT, and other fields.

In the Disaster Prevention and Alleviation zone at the exhibition, Medo Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Allystar, presented its core products including a variety of high-precision GNSS receivers to serve emergency disaster reduction with chip-level intelligent safety monitoring solutions, fully demonstrating its scale application capability and future development trend of the BDS high-precision positioning technology in disaster prevention and alleviation field.

At present, BDS has been widely used in transportation. Allystar and SAIC Group jointly showcased the BDS high-precision chip-based vehicle intelligent driving controller and the integrated GNSS positioning module with DR technology - the “iPOSILICON” (automotive grade, based on HD9311A), providing a comprehensive demonstration of the application of BDS high-precision navigation and positioning chip technology in intelligent driving.

In recent years, BDS has been massively applied in shared bikes. At this exhibition, the DiDi bike and e-bike equipped with Allystar’s chips were presented in the Mass Application zone, which has realized precise parking by virtue of BDS high-precision positioning technology, which empowers the shared mobility, and provides a better solution for the “last mile” trip during commuting.

“BeiDou+” and “+BeiDou” have been helping all walks of life, such as transportation, communication, disaster prevention and alleviation, agriculture, and power, etc., accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation, forming a good situation of deep application and large-scale development. This summit is held under the current situation of accelerating the scale application of the BDS industry in China.

On this occasion, Allystar will continue to focus on the research and development of BDS and GNSS satellite navigation and positioning chip technology and relevant products, explore more potential of the BDS applications, accelerate the innovation and application of BDS chip technology and products, to serve the BDS large-scale application.

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