Allystar Presented Nuremberg EW2024

Author: Allystar
Released at: 2024-04-18 14:29
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The 2024 edition of the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference (Embedded World 2024, hereinafter referred to as EW2024) took place from April 9 to 11 in Nuremberg, Germany, under the claim “Connecting the Embedded Community”. EW2024 brings together thousands of leading companies in the electronics industry from all over the world. Exhibitors, and visitors have come together to discuss the latest electronics technologies and applications in key areas such as semiconductors, embedded vision, intelligent manufacturing, electronic design automation, wireless communication hardware, autonomous systems, safety and security, SoC design, and human-machine interaction, etc.

Allystar, the leading provider of the GNSS chip-level solutions in China, participated in EW2024 with a variety of chipsets and modules, providing global customers with high-precision chip-scale positioning IoT industry solutions, which comprehensively demonstrated the company's innovation achievements and technological advancement, and further expanded its layout of innovative applications in overseas markets.

At the exhibition, Allystar's innovative products and chip-based solutions made a shining appearance. The latest CYNOSURE IV HD8140 made its initial launch in the overseas market, which can be widely employed in smart driving, shared mobility, wearable devices, portable terminals, UAVs, vehicle navigation and monitoring, fleet management, precision agriculture, intelligent logistics, surveying and mapping, etc. Users around the world will undoubtedly enjoy a better experience with its performance advantages over the previous generation.

In addition, Allystar presented multiple TAU series modules each with their characters. TAU1113 and TAU1114 are versatile receivers that can be used with active and passive antennas. The fast start-up in combined with the lower power consumption and the very low backup current make them particularly suitable for use in battery-powered devices, e.g., for asset tracking and telematics. As flagship high-performance dual-frequency GNSS positioning modules, TAU1201 and TAU1202 integrate efficient power management architecture, while providing high precision, high sensitivity, and low power consumption GNSS solutions which make them suitable for navigation applications on automotive and consumer electronics, vehicles as well as fleet management and monitoring. Combining GNSS positioning and inertial navigation technology makes TAU2102 and TAU2202 output positioning data in environments where GNSS signal quality is poor or even lost (such as tunnels, underground parking, etc.), and provide continuous and accurate positioning for navigation applications. The TAU951M-P2 series GNSS dual-band high-precision RTK navigation and positioning module and TAU951M-K2 series GNSS dual-band high-precision RTK navigation and positioning module with dead reckoning are suitable for various demands under different conditions and can be widely applied in high-precision navigation and positioning fields such as mower, smart driving, high-precision mobile devices, surveying and mapping, UAVs, intelligent agriculture, and the like.

In recent years, the large-scale application of the BeiDou navigation satellite system has opened a new chapter of commercialization, industrialization, and internationalization. As a leading provider of the GNSS chip-level solutions and modules in China, Allystar focuses on the R&D and innovation of key technology and closely connects with the application market to promote the development of the BeiDou industry. Meanwhile, continuing to open a new track in the overseas market, Allystar is dedicated to providing global customers with comprehensive chip-level high-precision navigation and positioning solutions and to working with customers to serve the world and benefit mankind.

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